5 Simple Tips To Keep In Mind While Travelling With A Small Child


Ignore the naysayers! Life is for living and exploring. Just because you are a mum now doesn't mean you have to give up travelling. Especially if you are passionate about visiting exciting places and meeting new people. 

If you are concerned about how it will affect your little one, don't be! It will only lead to bub having a memorable childhood. Remember, you can always soothe bubs with a familiar routine with and loving massages. Your bub will enjoy a break from the norm to see all the glorious beauty this world has to offer through their own eyes.

There is no need for it to feel daunting. There will always be bumps along the way, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be prepared to weather any storm.

Travelling With A Small Child

1. Spend Quality Time on Destination Research

Before you do anything else, fire up your laptop or desktop and start researching your destination. You don't want to be stranded somewhere dodgy with a bored child. So, look for places that are family-friendly or offer kid-specific activities. For example, choose a hotel with amenities such as a playroom or swimming pool. Or somewhere with a beach nearby. After that, ensure that any medical assistance required is easily accessible. Make a note of the weather there as well, so you can pack and plan activities accordingly. And finally, just to be extra sure, read up on some online reviews by fellow mums.

2. Sort Out All Health-Related Concerns Beforehand

When it comes to the little one's health, it's better to be safe than sorry. So, before you embark on your journey, pay a quick visit to the paediatrician for advice on what medications you should carry on your trip. It is also a good time to check if your child has been properly vaccinated or not. Because, as we all know, children are more susceptible to harmful bacteria and viruses.

3. Don’t Overpack, but Carry All the Essentials

There is no doubt that a mum travelling with a child will have far more luggage than anyone else, but it's crucial that you don't overdo it. Overpacking will only make you more frustrated. And you won't be able to find what you need when you need it the most. Bring only the necessities, such as diapers, sanitising wipes, baby massage oil , etc.

Travelling With A Small Child

4. Carry a Light Stroller and a Baby Sling

Stroller v/s sling is quite a debate for many mums. And while most would say that a stroller is a must, we say don't put all your trust on that chair on wheels. You never know when one of those wheels will give out. Or you may end up in such rough terrain that it becomes useless. At that time, the sling will come quite in handy. So carry both, as well as a magnesium spray, in case you experience muscle pain after using the sling for a long time. See, we have thought of almost everything!

5. Always Be Ready To Improvise

Even with a hundred useful tips, there is no guarantee that your trip will be smooth and uneventful. Mostly because it is impossible to predict anything when small children are involved. So, leave some room for improvisation. Adapt and adjust in response to the situation.

For the Extra Fussy Baby, Here Are Some Bonus Tips!

  • Align the travel time with your baby's sleep pattern
  • Bring some familiar toys
  • Keep your phone or tablet charged, and don't forget the headphones 
  • Carry extra food and water
  • Book a window seat if you are travelling by plane or bus

Travelling With A Small Child

Happy Travels!

Travelling with a small child is no vacation, but we hope our advice will help you make it into one. So, don't put off going on trips any longer; pack up your essentials, such as the baby massage oil and the tasty munchies, and go on a fantastic adventure with your munchkin.


– The Hermosa Co.

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