Why a Maternity Shoot Is So Important


Pregnancy can be a time of celebration and giddy anticipation, whether it's your first or fifth. Yes, it is a journey riddled with trials and tribulations, but despite that, it's still a beautiful one. After all, a woman is literally growing a new life inside her and performing the miracle of birth; how can it be anything but beautiful?

During these nine magical months, so much happens: the body changes, love grows, and new memories take form, and you can encapsulate all of that with the help of a maternity photoshoot.

Let's unpack the three biggest reasons for a maternity shoot.

Capturing the Bliss…

The ecstatic feeling that comes with pregnancy is unique, and a woman can experience it only a couple of times in her lifetime. Pregnancy bliss, as many call it, is real and truly amazing. Hearing the baby's heartbeat, feeling the kicks, and many other small but powerful moments contribute to this high and help mums revel in its addictive happiness. 

On the day of the maternity shoot, you can forget all your worries and focus on that blissful feeling. An expert photographer will capture that feeling in a stunning image, which you can then use to get a dose of endorphins for the rest of your life whenever you are feeling down.

Capturing the Beauty…

Unfortunately, most mums don't feel photogenic during pregnancy. It is a sad but true fact. The larger belly, weight gain, and constant fatigue can reduce self-confidence and increase insecurities about one's physical appearance. But all these changes occur because the body is doing the sacred job of growing a brand-new life. Hence, your body should be worshipped and loved. 

A maternity photoshoot will help remind mums how beautiful and utterly gorgeous their bodies are by highlighting the luscious hair, the pregnancy glow and the beautiful belly. A professional photographer will bring out the glamorous side of your pregnancy and make you feel like the life-bringing goddess you are. 

Capturing the real you…

A maternity shoot is more than making a few mementos of the pregnancy. It's about encasing your hope, fear, thrill, and intense love for the little bun in the oven in a few spellbinding pictures that you'll treasure and cherish for the rest of your life. It's about celebrating your bump, your strength and your incredible body. 

The other excellent perks of a maternity shoot are:

Bonding With Your Partner…

If you're in a relationship, a photo shoot can be a delightful activity for you and your partner. It can strengthen the bond between you and your better half, make the dad-to-be feel more than just a spectator, and help him better connect with the unborn baby.

An Excuse for Pampering…

Truth be told, you don't really need a reason to indulge in some pampering. But it's nice to have one, and a maternity shoot is definitely a reason. The day before the shoot, you can luxuriate in a warm bath enriched with our Himalayan salt soak, melting away the aches, pains and the day's stress. Afterwards, you can massage your body with our precious belly oil. It will help your skin look flawless during the day of the shoot.

A Day of Fun…

Going on location, choosing the dress, communicating your preferred ambience, and so on can be a fun break from your everyday pregnancy life. It can be a day of high spirits and laughter for you, your friends and your family.

The perfect photographer for your pregnancy photoshoot.

Photographer Jackie from Little Chief Photography has a real talent for capturing the magical essence of pregnancy and the authentic beauty of the pregnant body through images. She can weave your unique story with her camera, and you can pass down that story for generations to come.


Scheduling a maternity shoot needs to be a priority task on your pregnancy to-do list because these special days will fly by. With the help of these beautiful photographs, you will be able to relive those tender moments even long after your children have grown up and flown the nest. 

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