Funny Pregnancy Stories


Real pregnancy stories are a genre of their own. Sometimes they can be motivating, sometimes funny and sometimes downright scary. But most of the time, pregnancy stories are all of those things, together. Stories told by real mums about their unique pregnancy experiences are simply delightful. Those wonderful tales of hardship, joy, fun and unconditional love can inspire, educate and alter perspective — reassuring other mums-to-be that even in the most difficult of times, silver linings do appear in the form of a little bundle of joy (or multiple bundles of joy).

In this article, we have rounded up four entertaining but somewhat embarrassing stories of preggy mums from around the world, guaranteed to crack you up once you give them a read.

Our Favourite Funny Stories — The Bizarre and Hilarious Side of Pregnancy That Can Make You Laugh Out Loud.

When pregnancy hormones made a mum emotional about orphaned snake babies.

Pregnancy hormones can make expectant mothers sick, nauseous, and emotional, as well as cause numerous body aches, but did you know it also caused a mum to cry her eyes out over orphaned snake babies? A Reddit user wrote that she ran over a snake while driving and then cried for two hours straight, thinking about its family and babies who will never get to see their snake dad.

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This preggy mum's incredible heightened sense of smell can put fictional superheroes to shame.

Another Reddit user wrote about her aversion to the smell of saliva. Yes, you read that correctly: she can smell saliva! She told her hubby that the smell of saliva made her want to puke, but because it sounded so absurd, he didn't believe her. He licked her face thinking she was joking and wanted to call her bluff, but instead, he made her barf. He felt bad about making her throw up, but that didn't stop him from teasing her about it.

The pregnancy brain strikes again, causing a mum to do completely wacky things, making the pregnancy journey just a bit more crazy.

Erin Hicks posted on Facebook about her memory errors brought on by her pregnancy brain, also known as the baby brain. While making a snack for herself, she cut a piece from a block of cheddar cheese and placed it in the knife drawer, the knife in the fridge's cheese compartment, and the plate of cheese and crackers in the sink. She then returned to her couch without any snacks, wondering why she had gotten up in the first place.

A mum discovered the hard way that even from inside the tummy, a baby can make a mess that you have to clean up afterwards.

Kelsey Hicks from the States wrote on Quora that when she was 32 weeks pregnant and working in a Tex-Mex restaurant, she needed to refill the chips at the nacho bar. She was balancing the tub of chips using her belly so she could only use her gloved hand to dump the chips. But then her baby karate kicked the tub from inside her belly, causing the entire thing to fall to the ground, creating a huge mess that needed cleaning up.

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