What Can Working Mums Do To Have a Healthy Work-Life Balance?

To say that working mums have is rough is an understatement. They have to juggle multiple things, all at once, without disappointing the people around them. They have to perfect the art of multitasking. While also making sure that their career isn't derailing and the child's development isn't getting neglected either. However, striving for perfection in both can be tedious and, at times, disastrous. And to be honest, a perfect supermum — who can do no wrong is a myth. No woman can achieve that level of flawlessness without going the sci-fi route and cloning themselves.

However, with a few tweaks here and there, a healthy but not perfect work-life balance is attainable. And one should always aim for that because a well-planned and executed work-life balance is essential for lowering stress, boosting productivity, and feeling happier.

Let's make something clear! We are not saying that non-working mums have it easy. In fact, they come with their own set of problems and difficulties. But in this article, we are focusing only on the woes of working mums and giving out some tips to deal with them.

Working Mum

Here Are 10 Tips for Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance.

1. Don’t Go After Perfection

We can not stress this point enough! Don't run after perfection. Because if you do, you will only end up disappointing both yourself and others. Trying to make it all happen without any fault kind of lifestyle can be mentally and physically taxing. So the best thing to do is just accept that not everything will be perfect all the time. Prioritize the important things and let the rest slide. Your house, for example, does not have to be spotlessly clean every day. You can put off cleaning until the weekend. Remember! A little messy household isn't the end of the world. And after that's sorted, maybe you can end the trying week with a warm bath with our Himalayan salt soak.

2. Feeling Guilty Will Accomplish Nothing

There will be a time when you will feel guilty about missing out on a recital or a parent-teacher meeting. Even if you don't, there will always be some jerk who will point it out to you and make you feel bad. But never succumb to that guilt. It will do nothing but make you unnecessarily depressed. At those times, remind yourself that you are a wonderful mother, and your little munchkin adores you for it.

3. Try Working in an Organisation That Supports Working Parents

We understand that this is not always possible. And you may end up in a company that isn't supportive at all. But always keep on trying to land a job in an organisation that provides some kind of support to parents. It can be either flexibility, a work from home option, in-office daycare, or just understanding management.

4. Organise, Organise, and Organise!

You'll be surprised at how much time you can save if you plan your daily or weekly tasks ahead of time. Make a to-do list or a schedule board. Or you can even download a planner app on your phone. Then jot down all the tasks you are supposed to do. If you have a clear and concise plan, you are less likely to miss a PTA meeting or a zoom call with your colleague. It is a tried and true method of achieving a better work-life balance and avoiding frantic last-minute panics.

Working Mum

5. Use Technology, but Know When It Has Overstayed Its Welcome

For working mums, smartphones and tablets are like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can help mothers stay connected with their children even while at work, but on the other hand, it can blur the line between work and home life, leaving mothers shackled to work around the clock. So, if you want to keep your sanity, we recommend using technology to your advantage rather than allowing it to take over your life. Know when to switch off and give your brain some rest.

6. Don’t Forgo Proper Diet and Exercise

When you are swamped with work, be it home or office-related, it is easy to neglect exercise and healthy eating. We've seen mothers skip lunch or eat very little, very quickly, so they can get back to work. Take note! If you are guilty of this, please stop immediately! Recognize that a healthy mind and body can accomplish far more. Prioritize your health! Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercise. Don't have time for proper workouts? Well, you can always take the stairs instead of the elevator.

7. Always Make Time for Yourself

Healthy food and exercise will keep your mind and body charged up, but what about your spirit? It is equally important to recharge your soul by keeping it healthy. And the best way to do that is through indulging in self-care. A relaxing Himalayan salt soak or a peaceful power nap in a room sprayed with a gentle room tonic should do the trick.

Working Mum

8. Surround Yourself With Mumsitivity!

Make friends with other mums and become a part of a community. When you get to know them and hear how they overcame their problems that are similar to yours, it will give you a more positive outlook on motherhood as a whole. It will help you realize that you are not alone on this journey, which can cheer you up! And make you feel less isolated.

9. Engage in Special Bonding Activities

As a working mother, you will not be able to spend every hour of every day with your child. However, meaningful time is more important than being present all of the time. So, whenever you do get to spend time with the little troublemaker, make it meaningful for both you and your child. Instead of turning on the television, read from a storybook to your baby, or give a soothing massage with a baby massage oil while singing children's tune, like "Itsy Bitsy Spider." Or any other fun and relaxing activity that you can think of.

10. Once in a While Reward Yourself With a Lavish Massage

Once a month, or if you can afford it, once a week, reward yourself for all you've accomplished thus far by scheduling a therapeutic massage for women. It is the perfect remedy for all demanding problems in your life, at least for a couple of hours. Just shut down your brain and lose yourself in the expert hands of a well-trained massager.

Final Thought!

No matter which part of the world you go to, society, in general, will have you believe that after giving birth, a mum's only priority should be the child and nothing else. But in reality, not every woman can afford to be a "stay-at-home mum." And, affordability aside, a woman should be able to return back to work when she sees fit without facing mind-numbing stress and anxiety every day. So, use some of our tips like the self-care ones where you eat healthily and enjoy a Himalayan salt soak, or all of them if you can, and bring balance to your life.


– The Hermosa Co.


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