Baby Massage: Perfect way to enrich the mumma-buba bond


There is nothing more gratifying for a mum than to successfully bond with her child. And one of the best ways to do that is through soothing infant massages. The power of touch is potent and magical and can help form that special connection with bub that every mum craves after giving birth.

Those gentle strokes, a little skin-to-skin contact mixed in with an aromatic baby massage oil, can bring a sense of safety, security, and nourishment to bub. Because touch is the only sense that is the most developed at birth, both bub and mum can converse and connect on an emotional level through everyday massage rituals. 

Aside from bonding, infant massage also has a ton of other benefits for both mother and child. Read on and find out what those benefits are. We have also put together a guide on how to safely massage a baby. After reading, you will be an expert on baby massages. That's a promise!

Baby Massage

Infant Massage Benefits for Baby

  • It soothes and calms fussy babies and even babies with colic
  • It provides relief from indigestion and constipation
  • It boosts muscles development
  • It can help alleviate teething pain
  • It improves immunity
  • It prevents restless sleep
  • It increases blood circulation

Infant Massage Benefits for Mother 

  • It can help with postnatal depression
  • It can promote lactation in breastfeeding mums
  • It improves attachment with the baby and uplifts the mood
  • It can help mothers gain confidence in handling their little ones

Baby Massage

A beautiful bonding time and a safe baby massage entail the following...

The Ideal Time 

Every time your bub cries or becomes finicky, you may feel tempted to give a comforting massage, but refrain from doing that and instead set a specific time for the daily massage and stick to it. The ideal time would be a few hours prior to bedtime as it will help bub unwind and relax before entering the dreamland.

Comfortable Setting 

Create a relaxing atmosphere by dimming the lights, spraying on some room tonic, and ensuring the room is pleasantly warm and free of distracting noises. Then, place your bub on the bed, but don't forget to lay a towel first. Since you will be using baby oil, the towel will keep your mattress from staining.

A Nourishing Oil 

Talking about baby oil, the next step is to choose one that is soothing, mildly aromatic, and full of herbal goodness. You can go with our baby massage oil — it moisturises skin and promotes healing.

Baby Massage

A Couple of Light Pressured Massage Techniques

Before you begin the massage, let bub know that it's massage time by dabbing some oil on your finger and rubbing it behind the ears or on the wrist of the child. If done every time before a massage session, the baby will become aware of what is to come and will let you know if they are in the mood for it or not through various physical cues. If the cues are positive, proceed with the techniques listed below.

  • Start With the Feet - Warm the oil slightly by rubbing both your hands and then rub the sole in a circular fashion. After that, give long alternate strokes to the entire length of the legs.

  • Move On to the Tummy - Make your strokes a little gentler, and use your pinky fingers instead of your thumb for lighter pressure while massaging the tummy. Make spiral movements with your fingers and gently drag them toward the edge of the belly in a clockwise motion. This particular approach will aid in bub's digestion.

  • Move Upward to the Chest Area - Massage outward from bub's sternum to shoulders with both hands at first, and then make playful patterns with fingers on the skin. It can be criss-cross, heart shapes, or anything that brings about a serene feel.

  • Move On to the Arms - Stroke the entire length of the arms in an alternating pattern, similar to the legs, while drawing small circular patterns on the palms.

  • Finish With a Head and Face Massage - Be extra gentle when rubbing bub's face and massaging the head since these areas are the most delicate. Begin caressing the brows and go down to the nose bridge, finishing with the cheeks and ears. For the head, trace tiny circles on the scalp while avoiding the soft spots.

Baby Massage

Make Eye Contact

During the massage, gaze at bub's face as much as possible and don't look away before your baby does. This will further enhance the bonding experience and convey to bub that they are the centre of your attention.

Give Calming Verbal Cues

For a baby, the sensation of touch is superior to hearing voices, but showering the little one with positive and calming verbal cues can also deepen the "mum-bub" connection. While massaging, sing a lullaby or simply express how much that sweet little angel means to you. Your bubba may not understand what you are saying, but the emotion behind your words will reach bub's soul.

What Is the Correct Age for Baby Massage?

You may believe that a newborn is too delicate for a massage session. However, that is far from the truth. Most healthcare professionals recommend starting massages from day one. Although, it is advised to begin with light, airy strokes on the legs and back and avoid other soft areas. After a few weeks, you can gradually move on to the other part of the body and apply a bit more pressure.

Baby Massage

A Relaxing End

Forming an enchanting bond with bub, full of unique magic and emotion, is one of the most pleasurable aspects of motherhood. This bond lets a mum know about all of the baby's woes even when they can't say it with words, while at the same time, it creates a bubble of reassurance and solace around the baby. Start strengthening the bond with a soothing massage and our nature-blessed baby massage oil, mama. It will be worth it.


– The Hermosa Co.


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