Sequestered away in our Torquay Oasis, The Hermosa Co. is the Surf Coast's most idyllic pregnancy and postpartum massage clinic. Owned and operated by local mum Lydia Latta and her team, we are dedicated to bringing you the gentle care, and deep relaxation, you deserve.
Here at The Hermosa Co. Torquay, Victoria, we honour the long tradition of pregnancy massage and the benefits it brings. Our founder, Lydia Latta, has a rich history with high end day spas. Having her own three children furthered her interest and expertise in pregnancy and postpartum care, which she now uses to enrich her clients’ experiences in the most perfect way.

Pregnancy Massage
in Torquay

As we are a boutique massage clinic, appointments are available upon request. To book with us, please send us a Text or Email.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what stage of my pregnancy can I receive a massage at The Hermosa Co?

At the Hermosa Co. we massage at all stages of pregnancy and up to and over your due date.

Massage during the first trimester is safe as long as it’s performed by a practitioner with specialised pregnancy massage training and skills, such as the therapists at The Hermosa Co.  

What is the difference between regular and pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massage is personalised to accommodate the specific physical changes your body is undergoing.

Our therapists are experienced and have received training beyond national standards for pregnancy massage. They understand the pregnant body and specific needs and requirements for expectant mamas to help alleviate their unique concerns.

Will I be lying face down or flat on my back?

We do not use tables with holes for your belly as this can increase strain on ligaments and increase back pain. We have a specific tummy cushion system for use in the early stages of pregnancy and assess each individual to customise the positioning to them personally.

It is not advised to lay flat on your back during pregnancy, therefore we have a specially designed table to adjust your posture into the ideal position for proper circulation and comfort.

A nurturing and incredible massage is not only possible while laying on your side using our cushion support system, but our clients have claimed to find it more relaxing. Side-lying is not only best for baby, but optimum for your spine and muscles to relax.

Is it safe to have my feet massaged during pregnancy?

Foot and lower leg massage, when done correctly, is an important part of our treatments to relieve pain, swelling and pressure.

Our therapists have been extensively trained in delivering a safe and relaxing foot massage for expectant mamas.

How often should I have a massage during my pregnancy?

Every day ;) you can't have too many pregnancy massages.

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Pregnancy is a special, yet vulnerable time in a woman’s life– there is nothing else like it. Not only does your body undergo a metamorphosis as it creates life, but your heart, mind, and soul evolve as well. We understand this and customise your massage to your specific needs and concerns, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in.

Melt into our deliciously soft bed and allow healing hands to help alleviate lower back pain, tension, swelling, cramps, and insomnia. Our purpose-built nest allows us to change and adjust your position specifically to your needs.

Help prepare your mind and body for labour by quieting your thoughts. Pregnancy massage aids you in tapping into your instincts, inner strength, and mindfulness. In fact, regular massage helps bring calmness to your nerves and encourages access to your energy, focus, and power– not only for childbirth, but for your new role as your little one prepares for their arrival.

We only use 100% natural products in our treatments, which we proudly hand make here in Torquay. 

We also understand that during pregnancy your sense of smell may be heightened, and we take care to avoid any strong scents in any of our products and around the clinic.

Book an appointment today and discover how a treatment at The Hermosa Co. isn’t simply a massage, but a complete relaxation for your body, mind, and soul.

Postpartum Massage
in Torquay

As we are a boutique massage clinic, appointments are available upon request. To book with us, please send us a Text or Email.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many weeks after birth can I come for a massage?

After a vaginal delivery, if your doctor has given the ‘all clear’, we can massage from the very next day. For c-section mamas we say 8-10 weeks, or after you have had an ‘all clear’ from your health practitioner.

Can I bring my baby to the massage?

Absolutely! We know it can be hard to leave or find someone to care for your newborn, so yes you can bring your baby in in the pram. We love meeting new babies and any excuse for a cuddle! However, keep in mind having this moment to yourself may allow you to relax a little deeper and fully reap the benefits of the massage.

I need to feed my baby before the massage so I can relax knowing he is full and content. Do you have a feeding area?

We have a comfortable waiting room that allows you space to feed before you have your treatment. There is also a cafe close by if the person looking after your bubs would like to have a cuppa or snack while you have your treatment.

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Postpartum massage supports your return to a balanced healthy body and emotional state after a life-changing event. 

Caring for ourselves after birth is often missed as we are so focused on caring for the little ones. Often referred to as ‘the golden month’ or ‘thirty days of confinement’, it is important to give ourselves the nourishment and support we need during this immediate postpartum period. 

Allow yourself to receive a little love for your own body and mind as it pours out of you so readily into others. It is okay to acknowledge that you need a little care as well as you settle into your strange new ‘normal’.

After any kind of birth, vaginal, cesarean, spontaneous, induced– your body needs help and time to recover. Postpartum massage aids your recovery by stimulating blood flow and providing much needed relief from muscle tension. For as long as living memory, massage has been used as a way to bring the mind into the body, using your awareness to help support recovery and healing. 

Each postpartum massage is tailored specifically to each individual mama’s needs. Some may just want the time to switch off and relax, others need a healing hand to aid in neck, shoulder, or back pain from new-mum tasks. 

We pride ourselves on our cushion system for new mums, meaning you are not required to lie on a hard flat table. Our bed offers indents for your tender chest and beautiful soft cushioning for your tummy. After a second on our table you will melt away into our atmosphere of relaxation.

Women's Massage Torquay

Alongside our pregnancy and postpartum massages, we offer a simple 'women's massage' for those simply seeking to ease sore muscles or relax.

Give back to yourself and enjoy a massage customised to your needs. Whether you are simply seeking relaxation or relief for hard-working muscles, The Hermosa Co. welcomes you with open arms.

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