Nipples 30gm
Deeply enriched with vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids– this soothing nipple balm is ideal for the all-natural mama.  Rejuvenate and heal your delicate skin with acai oil while calendul- infused olive oil works its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial magic. This...
Belly Oil 125ml
Deeply infused with vitamins and essential fatty acids, this nourishing treatment aids in the prevention, and healing, of stretch marks. Soften– heal– enrich your bump. The Hermosa Co. Belly Oil is woven together from five powerful oils, each adding their...
Hermosa Soak 1kg
Allow the healing powers of pink Himalayan salt and essential oils to lull you into a silken, luxurious experience.  Infuse the warm waters of your bath with an offering of our magnesium rich Hermosa Soak and relax as your aches,...
Lullaby Magnesium Spray (6ms+)
Lullaby Toddler and Kids Magnesium Spray (6mths+) Give your little ones the gift of calm with this lovingly formulated blend of magnesium and Rosalina oil. The gentle touch of magnesium helps provide relief from growing pains and soothes busy little...
Lullaby Magnesium Soak (6m+) 1kg
 Lullaby Toddler and Kids Magnesium Soak (6mths+) 1kg Enrich bath time with the ancient power of magnesium to calm and relax your busy little ones. Ideal for bedtime, this tranquil blend features the mildly sedative effects of Rosalina oil- gently...
Magnesium Spray 250ml
Known to soothe restless nights and sore muscles, magnesium holds many benefits for mothers-to-be and beyond.  Designed to deliver magnesium through the skin, used to help ease pregnancy related aches and pains, improve sleep and soothe restless legs. Magnesium deficiency...
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