How to Navigate The Holidays 'Secretly' Pregnant


After the initial thrill, excitement and slight panic of seeing the positive sign on a pregnancy test wear off, many mums debate whether to tell everyone right away or not. The reasons to hold off announcing can be anything from fear of miscarriage to wanting to enjoy the news privately before letting everyone know. Whatever the reason for you, know that it's a valid one. And you can share the news at your own time of choosing.

Yes, you can keep your pregnancy a secret as long as you want or as long as it's possible to hide the bump, but doing so is extra tricky around the holiday season — what with all the parties, gatherings, and so many off-limit food items. And let's not forget the delicious but forbidden wine and cocktails.

But worry not! We have got some tricks up our sleeves to help you keep your pregnancy a secret while still joining in on the merriment.

Tips for Hiding the Pregnancy While Still Enjoying the Festivity

The Food Hack 

If you are at a party or holiday get-together and you are served food that is not pregnancy friendly, make up believable excuses for not wanting to eat that food. If you are known for detesting vegan food, don't say you are giving veganism a shot in order to avoid the seafood platter. Instead, say you have a stomach bug, and your doctor has told you to avoid certain food for some time.

The Drink Hack

Passing up drinking during a holiday event is much more difficult, especially if you are known for knocking back a glass or two. Turning down a drink can raise lots of eyebrows and make people quite suspicious of you. After all, it is more of a telltale sign of pregnancy than not wanting to eat a dish of food. But there are a couple of ways for you to hack it. 

You can let the bartender in on the secret and tell him to serve you only non-alcoholic drinks. You can also make yourself the designated driver for the evening. The other option is to accept the offered drink and hold it without taking an actual sip. When the opportunity presents itself, you can discard it discreetly.

The Nausea Hack

To get a handle on your morning sickness, we recommend sucking on a lemon drop or spearmint candy. Sometimes they work quite well on keeping food aversion at bay. Before going to the party or event, you can also take a warm bath with our Himalayan salt soak. It contains calming minerals and oils, including Spearmint oil, known for freshening the senses and banishing nausea. To stop the aversion to certain smells from spilling your beans, you can carry a topical cough suppressant and apply a tiny dollop under your nose to avoid smelling anything else.


The Fatigue Hack

When you're dealing with bone-tiring pregnancy fatigue, even attending a small gathering, let alone a big holiday bash can be exhausting. So, keep your blood sugar level stable by eating nutritious meals. Don't cut back on your sleep, no matter how busy the season gets and take relaxing baths with our Himalayan salt soak. The soothing concoction will help you sleep and take away your stress, aches and tiredness making you party ready.

The Party Hack

It's more likely for you to give the game away when you are at someone else's party, but everything will be much easier to navigate if you are the host. You can mix your own drink and choose a menu that is completely free of non-pregnancy food. You can also go to your bedroom and relax for a bit when you feel tiredness creeping in.

Remember, in the coming days, you will be too busy caring for a newborn and healing from childbirth, so why not host a party when you are still willing and able?

If you are planning to use our Himalayan salt soak to melt away your stress and fatigue, we recommend using it with our exceptional body polish. It will gently exfoliate your skin and give you a glamorous glow. Plus! It works wonders in diminishing the appearance of stretch marks.


Whether it is a surprise pregnancy or a planned one, you should be able to reveal it when you think the time is right. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Simply put, people are too nosy, and during the holiday season, when you're surrounded by friends, family, and well-wishers, fending off prying questions becomes quite challenging. But, hopefully, our tips will come in handy. 

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