How To Care for Your Toddler’s Skin During Winter


Winter is rough on the skin, causing it to become dry, cracked, and itchy. In fact, all skins are susceptible to a slew of woes during the cold, harsh months, but babies have to endure much more — given that their skin is far more delicate and sensitive than adults. The chilly weather can further flare up skin conditions like eczema and diaper rash making the matter worse. So it is imperative to modify bub's skin-care routine to better protect against winter's bite.

Winter skincare for baby

The following winter skin-care tips will help you keep baby's skin soft and healthy during the chilliest time of the year.

1. Reduce Time in the Bath

The winter air already wreaks havoc on the skin, and daily contact with water, particularly warm water, can cause bub's skin to lose moisture and dry out even more. To reduce moisture loss, don’t linger in the bath longer than needed. Keep it extra nourishing by adding a few drops of our baby bath oil.

2. Use Fragrant-Free Soaps During Bathtime

Soaps that promise to make your baby smell gorgeous may be enticing, but it is best to avoid such products. They are likely to irritate a toddler's sensitive skin. To keep bub's skin soft and clean, all you need is a mild, unscented soap, preferably made with organic ingredients.

3. Moisturise, Moisturise, and Moisturise

Did you know that baby’s skin can lose moisture up to five times faster than an adult’s skin? And winter only further exacerbates this issue. Regular moisturising (at least twice a day) can help combat dry skin, and applying hydrating creams or lotions right after each bath can help lock in the moisture further. 

Winter skincare for baby

4. Massage With Enriching Oils

Incorporating soothing massages with nutrient-dense baby massage oil into bub's daily routine can help replenish skin-natural nutrients lost due to cold air or warm baths. Massaging the little one with an all-natural baby massage oil every day before bedtime can also enhance the "mumma-bubba bond," and promote better sleep. All in all — there are multiple benefits to baby massages. So definitely make it a part of bub's daily rituals.

5. Use a Humidifier for Moisture

Invest in a super quiet but effective humidifier for bub's room. It will not only release moisture and maintain humidity levels inside but also help bub breathe easily, particularly during cold and flu season.

6. Buy Only all-natural Products for Baby’s Skin

It goes without saying that you should always use baby products made from natural ingredients, winter or otherwise. Any skin-care products laden with chemicals can do more harm than good to a baby's tender skin. So opt for products such as The Hermosa Co's baby massage oil — a gentle potion enriched with a blend of four healing oils that soothe & strengthen skin. 

Winter skincare for baby

7. Avoid Diaper Rash

Swaddled in layers of winter clothes and blankets can make it difficult to know if the diaper needs changing. But no matter how inconvenient it is, check constantly, and change diapers frequently. This way, you can keep those adorable baby bottoms free of inflammation and rash.

8. Treat the Affected Skin Area With Extra Care

Even with all the preventive care, some skin conditions are just inevitable. So if you find yourself confronted with a red patch of itchy skin on your baby, don't freak out. Just give that area of skin some extra TLC, and it will return to its usual pillowy-soft state in a matter of days.

9. Winter Wardrobe Shouldn’t Irritate the Skin

Aside from choosing the best skin care items, it is also crucial that you choose the right clothing for bub. Hypoallergenic onesies or clothes made from breathable organic cotton should be worn first, followed by woollen sweaters and jumpers. It is also advisable to layer bub's clothing so that you can remove or add layers based on the baby's comfort level.

Winter skincare for baby

10. Keep Bub Hydrated on the Inside

If bub isn't properly hydrated from the inside, no amount of nutrient-rich baby massage oil or moisturiser packed with essential oils will make a difference. So, keep bub well-fed with baby formula or breast milk, and if your baby is six months old, then make sure the little one drinks plenty of water.


If you follow the above advice bub will be able to retain the soft, kissable skin all winter long. But, be extra cautious and keep track of all the skin-related issues. If a rash or itchy patch of skin does not improve within a few days or worsens, contact your doctor right away.

 – The Hermosa Co.

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