#HermosaBody 2022


The 2022 #HermosaBody photoshoot was absolute magic– Thank you so much to all the beautiful mamas who were involved, and to Jackie from Little Chief Photography for capturing the moment.

Enjoy some of our favourite photos below, and an interview with Hermosa Co. founder Lydia Latta to mark the occasion.

- - -

Q: What is the #hermosabody movement, and how did it start? 

A: Back in 2017 I had started the Hermosa Co and was meeting so many different mums in different stages of their pregnancies. It struck me how beautiful and unique each and every pregnancy is, but how as a culture we rarely celebrate our differences openly.

I wanted to create an event which when seen by any mother, would help them to feel proud of their own individual body, and comfortable in their skin.

Q: How many #hermosabody shoots have you hosted so far?

A: Our first shoot was in 2017, followed by 2018 and 19. Then COVID hit, and it’s just now (2022) that we’ve been able to bring people back together.

Q: What is special about this 2022 shoot?

A: We wanted to celebrate– I mean, really celebrate! After two years of lockdowns, isolation, and feeling disconnected from the community, it was so exciting to bring these mums together to experience a sense of togetherness

The last two years have been a challenge for all of us in different ways– I know mums who had their bubs during lockdown, others (like myself) who took on the challenge of home-schooling, and so many who were unable to be with their families.

I feel like this shoot was a chance to come together as a village, embrace, and rejoice in sharing the highs and lows together.


Q: What have the past two years been like for you and The Hermosa Co.?

A: It was a trial of endurance as a self-employed mum of three navigating a divorce. However, although there were plenty of challenges it was a time of growth and an opportunity to identify my passions and discover what really fits in for my little family. 

With our clinic closure, reopening, and the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, it was a rollercoaster. 

While I hope we never go through something like this again, I have found myself grateful for what the past two years have taught me. I wasn’t alone, every mother went through a similar experience, and I feel it has brought me closer to the women who ‘The Hermosa Co.’ exists for. 

I hope all mums everywhere can look at these #hermosabody photos and be reminded of what it is like to feel the inspired joy of a tribe who have weathered a storm together and come out the other side.


Q: How did you pick the location for this year’s shoot?

A: When my baby girl was still small, I used to drive for hours to keep my boys entertained while she slept. We came across this quiet nook on one of our adventures. 

I was captivated by the simple charm of this fishinghouse strip– each structure had its own unique personality. The juxtaposition of calm water and mountains vs industrial smoke and buildings in the distance spoke to me. 



Q: Who is responsible for the beautiful photos?

A: Jackie from Little Chief Photography– she is an absolute gem. She shared my vision and passion, and lent her magic eye to the project. Jackie has a gift for maternity and family photoshoots, she has a special knack for capturing beautiful stories through her images. Everyone should check out her work!



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