First Time Parent Stories


It feels like a lifetime ago that I was pregnant with my twins. Nothing could have prepared me for the pure joy, and challenges, that came with their birth.

To celebrate Mother's Day, we've interviewed a few mama's about what becoming a first time parent was like for them.



I absolutely found my joy in parenthood. It's a complete cliche, I know, but becoming a mother gave my life a whole new, deeper meaning.

When my wife and I welcomed our son it was as if we'd received a gift directly from the universe. All the hurdles we'd faced in the lead up were forgotten, everything and anything was worth it for our little boy. 

We've since struggled through sleepless nights, teething, and the bumps and scrapes that come along with a restless toddler, but still every day we thank our lucky stars for our little family.

– Matilda R.



The moment I heard my daughter cry for the first time– it was like waking up from a dream. In an instant, I went from 'me' to 'mum'. 

Going off of what I'd read online (horrible, I know), I kinda expected to slip seamlessly into my new role. They'd place the baby in my arms and all my motherly instincts would just kick-in. 

It didn't exactly go like that! 🤣 I remember the first thing I thought about was being worried I hadn't taken enough classes on changing nappies, feeding, bathing, etc. When I held my little girl, the reality of this huge responsibility weighed heavily on me.

I was able to shake it off and thoroughly enjoy those first moments, especially with my husband, mum, and the midwives helping every step of the way.

– Tara P.


We did the classes, read the books, listened to the podcasts– but I don't think anything could have really prepared us for what becoming parents was 'really' going to be like. 

I've loved becoming a mum, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been without its ups and downs :P  

One thing that makes me laugh is when our son was only a few weeks old, it seemed like every time you changed his diaper, no matter what, he'd spray liquid poo. BOOM all over the wall. I remember looking at my husband like 'oh my god, what have we gotten ourselves into!'. We put up some plastic sheeting, and don't worry, the little guy's tummy soon settled. 

Natalia H.


My partner and I were SO EXCITED to welcome our son! It was a real bonding experience for us 'nesting' together, picking out colours for the nursery, buying little toys here and there. We got caught up in the romance of it all. 

Then Lilly arrived. It was amazing and terrifying all at once! Annnnnnd we quickly realised that instead of spending so much time on the 'fun' stuff, my partner and I should have had some real heart-to-heart talks. 

I mean about expectations. We found we were on a different page with a lot of stuff. For instance, he works a hard, physical job with long hours. He'd get home and (of course) just want to relax. But I'd been home with bubs all day and expect him to know to take over so I could have a little time to myself. 

We locked horns an awful lot over our 'expectations', but I'm happy to report we've worked through it. Parenthood can make or break you, and I feel blessed it encouraged us to develop healthy communication within our relationship.

– Michelle E.


To each and every mum out there– all of our experiences are shared, and unique, all at once. We see you, and love you! Happy Mother's Day.

xo xo

– The Hermosa Co.

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