Baby Essential Shopping List: A Guide for Minimalist Mums


If you have spent hours browsing the net coming across products like booty fans and hair hats, but still weren't able to figure out what your newborn will absolutely need, then you're probably at a point where the whole task feels overwhelming. If that's the case, we suggest taking a minimalist approach. Not only will it come in handy if you have a limited budget and a small living space, it’ll cut your stress in half.

Minimalist Baby Essentials

The Ultimate Guide for Buying Baby Essentials, the Minimalist Way!

When every product claims to be a must-have for your baby, as an expecting mama buzzing with nesting instinct, you are inclined to believe that's true. You might also be under the impression that newborns require a lot of stuff to feel safe and comfortable. Neither is true. Not every product is essential, and all a newborn truly ‘needs’ is a caregiver, food, and a safe home. 

Minimalist Baby Essentials

Essential Products To Shop for a Newborn

1. Items for Baby’s Wardrobe

The enticing nature of cute baby outfits can turn a well-adjusted shopper into a shopaholic. But don’t go overboard on baby clothes, especially if you are trying to be a minimalist. Your baby will outgrow those clothes sooner than you think since newborns grow a bit every day (sometimes in spurts).

So, for bub's wardrobe, focus on season appropriate onesies/pajamas, one - two cute outfits for photos, and a couple cozy hats if it’s winter. Make sure everything is comfy, has a soft texture, and a double zip for quick and easy nappy changes.

2. Items for Baby’s Sleep Time

You can either go with a bassinet or a cradle since both are safe for a newborn. Whichever you choose — be sure to instal it in the same room as yours, at least for the first six months, because doing so can enrich the mumma-bubba bond

Soothing baby massages can enhance both bonding and bed time. So, don't forget to get a nourishing, all-natural baby massage oil for your little one. You'll also need a mattress that fits, some mattress sheets and a few swaddle blankets since swaddling can effectively calm babies experiencing the ‘Moro or Startle Reflex’ during their sleep. 

Minimalist Baby Essentials

3. Items for Baby’s Feeding Time

If you are planning on breastfeeding, you don't need to over-buy. Consider a nipple balm that naturally heals nipple damage and nursing pads to soak up any leakage. Four comfy maternity bras are also handy to have (enough to change when you inevitably leak), and a simple manual hand pump (like the hakka) is great to manage oversupply. 

Depending on your breast feeding journey you may have to invest in a good breast pump, however if you’re not planning on needing to pump, this purchase can wait. You also may consider having some sachets of formula and a bottle in the cupboard, just for peace of mind. 

P.S. – Only a mother knows the best way to feed her child. So, whatever method you choose to nourish your baby, we support you. We believe fed is best! 

4. Items for Baby’s Bath Time and Other Hygiene Essentials

Let's start with hygiene essentials, you will need to stock up on diapers more so if you are using the disposable kind, and wet wipes to gently clean bub's bottom, food spills and just about anything else. Untrimmed nails are hazardous for babies because they can scratch and harm themselves by accident, so you will also need to buy a baby nail clipper in order to trim bub's toe and fingernails. (We recommend using an electric nail file to remove the worry of accidentally clipping bub’s skin.)

Now let's move on to the bath essentials! Newborns do not require regular baths — getting wiped down with a warm, wet cloth is enough for them. So, you will need a few soft washcloths and a cotton towel. But when you do bathe your little one, make sure to enrich the bath water with a baby bath oil or baby magnesium soak. Our baby massage oil doubles up as a bath oil. So if you don't want to buy two separate products, just get the Hermosa co. baby massage oil

Minimalist Baby Essentials

5. Items for Baby’s Playtime

Guests and visitors often bring toys as gifts, so chances are you won't have to splurge at all on toys. But if you really want to, then just get two or three plushies that make noise and a rattler.

Genuine Benefits of Leading a Minimalist Lifestyle After Childbirth

Minimalism isn't only beneficial for your bank account — it has loads of other perks, especially for a woman embarking on the journey of motherhood. By switching to a minimalist lifestyle, one can simplify everything — reduce anxiety, be less susceptible to over-thinking, enjoy more free time, etc. 

By not spending time and energy worrying about non-essential stuff, one can focus on things that matter most, such as self-care, bonding with the baby, deepening key relationships, and so on. So, don't stop at baby shopping; try incorporating simplicity into every facet of your life. Start by decluttering your home and adopting skinimalism (skin-care minimalism) for your skincare routine and later on for your munchkin's as well.

Minimalist Baby Essentials

The Hermosa Co. Is All About Embracing Nature and Skinimalism

The adage "less is more" is synonymous with minimalism, and every product of Hermosa Co. is handmade with only a few potent and sustainable ingredients that the skin absolutely needs. There is no fluff, no additives and no questionable chemicals. Not convinced? How about we tell you a little bit more about some of the products we mentioned earlier?

Baby Massage and Bath Oil - Our baby massage oil, which also works as a bath oil, has been formulated by carefully selecting the best ingredients (Avocado, Jojoba, Cucumber & Calendula Infused Oil), that nature has to offer for bub's nourishment and restful sleep.

Lullaby Magnesium Soak - This gentle soak for babies features calming minerals such as magnesium sulphate heptahydrate and magnesium chloride and a soothing blend of botanical oils (Rosalina, Lavender & Vanilla). It's crafted with the sole purpose of relaxing a little one before sleep time.

Nipples - Our nipple balm contains powerful healing ingredients (Shea Butter, Calendula Infused Otway Olive Oil, Beeswax, Acai Oil) that soothe dry, irritated & cracked nipple skin almost instantly. Since it is perfectly safe for babies, you don't need to wipe it off before feeding bub.

Miss Mae Nursing Pads - These super absorbent nursing pads are one of a kind with their exceptionally soft feel and playful designs. Made of bamboo fleece and waterproof fabric — they are reusable, get softer with every wash, and feel pleasant against the skin.


Since we live in a materialistic world, most of us enjoy shopping. Some even call it therapeutic. So, it's only natural for pregnant women to think that baby shopping is one of the fun aspects of expecting. However, given the endless options and avalanche of so-called ‘must-haves’, soon most mamas learn that it's less of a leisurely activity and more of a headache. So, we hope this write-up has helped you prune away the unnecessary information and guided you toward buying the best items for your little bundle of joy.

– The Hermosa Co.

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