What Does It Mean To Feel Comfortable in Your Body Pre and Postpartum?


Pregnancy is beautiful. Pregnancy is magical. It is an extraordinary journey that leads to welcoming a new life into this world. But it also comes with a host of changes that can be overwhelming and at times unpleasant — especially the physical ones that permanently alter the body. 

It's only natural for mums to experience body image issues during pregnancy and after childbirth. Feeling blah or not liking the way you look when you see yourself in the mirror is universal. 

However, through little changes, mums can cultivate a positive relationship with their changing bodies.

Feeling beautiful during your pregnancy and loving your postpartum body.

From growing belly and stretch marks to swollen boobs and darker nipples, so many changes occur within the span of nine months. It is hard not to feel like you are losing control of your own body. 

The transformation doesn't stop after childbirth either since the postpartum period brings its own sets of changes. New mums have to deal with belly bulge, larger cup sizes, bigger shoe sizes, and much more. All these, in addition to feeling utterly exhausted all the time.

If you are an expectant mama or someone who just had a baby, you may think that it is unlikely that you will ever recognise again. But we are here to tell you that it's possible to feel comfortable and beautiful and have a happy, healthy pregnancy & postpartum journey. 

So let's understand what feeling comfortable in your body pre and postpartum actually means.

It’s OKAY To Not Embrace ‘Every’ Change

We’re not here to tell you that you need to be 100% ‘okay’ with every part of your new mum bod. 

If you feel ready to get back to physical activity and build your strength and body back up, you do you!

The point of this blog is to encourage each and every one of us to approach the postpartum journey with positivity. If you’re ready to race to the gym, make sure you’re doing it at the right time, and for the right reasons.

Celebrating Changes

Celebrating or expressing admiration for your body can take many forms. You can admire your body by taking monthly pictures of your growing belly or taking unfiltered images, capturing the raw beauty of your postpartum body. 

You can do something fun with other preggy mamas and take part in a big maternity photoshoot like the #HermosaBody event, organised by us every year. Or you can do something intimate like lovingly massage belly oil on yourself or take lavish baths imbued with our magnesium soak. There is no right or wrong way to go about it, just do whatever you think will help you in your journey of self-love and acceptance.

Surrounding Yourself With Positivity

You will find it easier to celebrate your body when your friends and family celebrate it with you. Yes, the people you surround yourself with can influence the way you look at yourself. If you are surrounded by those who lift you up and inspire you with their positive, upbeat energy then you will be able to gradually banish your negative thoughts and start feeling more confident in your body. 

Changing the Way You See Yourself

Beauty is a state of mind. So, it is not wrong to say that it's all in your mind or that it's all about how you see yourself in your head. The web of negative thoughts such as "my stretch marks make me look ugly" or "why can't I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans" can drag you down. So instead of having an unfavourable outlook, see yourself as the life-bearing goddess you are. Applaud yourself and your glorious body for its achievements. Change your mindset to see every scar that you've gotten throughout your pregnancy and beyond as a badge of honour for bringing forth a miracle. You can accomplish it by taking part in maternity photoshoot events.

Wearing Outfits That Exhibit Your Unique Sense of Style

How you dress can have either a positive or negative impact on your self-image. Wearing clothes that no longer fit can make you more self-conscious about the areas of your body you are insecure about. Similarly, wearing baggy clothes (if that's not your style) can make you feel invisible. So always wear fashionable garments that perfectly fit your new body, are comfortable and exude your unique sense of style. Because when you look good in an outfit, you automatically start feeling good.

Connecting With Your Body

Pregnant and postpartum mums can often feel disconnected from their body — feeling like it's not their own but someone else, altogether. In order to counteract that feeling you have to find new ways to connect with this new body. Start by exploring and being intimate with yourself. Journal your feelings and write positive affirmations about your body. Take up simple exercises or pre/postnatal yoga. Eat nutritious foods that support this new body. Slowly and steadily, you will start feeling like yourself once again.

Taking Care of Your Body: Nurturing It, Pampering It and Most Importantly, Worshipping It.

Finally, it all comes down to how you take care of your new body. The more you give it TLC, the more you will feel beautiful about yourself. Be it during pregnancy or postpartum, always make time for "me time." During that time, treat your body like a temple, and worship it with products made of nature's most sacred ingredients. 

If you are carrying a bun in the oven try luxuriating in baths infused with magnesium soak. On the other hand, if you have just given birth, try soaking in our postpartum sitz soak, it really does support the body while it naturally heals. After your bath, you can go ahead and gently massage your belly, thighs, arms and breast with our belly oil made to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.


Remember, no one's body is flawless — pregnant, postpartum or otherwise. So whenever any unpleasant thought rears its ugly head inside your head, just be kind to yourself, treat yourself to our earth-friendly products such as the magnesium soak and last but not least, remind yourself that it's all for your little munchkin who you love more than life.

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