Incredible Benefits of Using Belly Oil During Pregnancy


Creating a new life, growing it inside the body, and finally giving birth to a tiny little human is a rather remarkable feat that only women get to do all over the world. Yes, this entire process is absolutely magical, but it also leads to the body undergoing many significant changes. And the most prominent one of these physical changes is the growing belly.

As beautiful as that baby bump is, it can also be a source of irritation and insecurity for an expecting mother. The irritation stems from the constant dryness and itchiness of the skin, while the insecurities are mainly from developing stretch marks.

P.S. Stretch marks are not something to be embarrassed about — those tiger stripes showcase the strength of a mother who has performed the miracle of birth. But it is understandable if you want to prevent or reduce their appearance. Yes, there are some things you can do to attain both, but the best way to go about it is to incorporate a belly oil — one made specifically to combat stretchmarks and the other skin-related woes of a pregnant belly into your skincare routine.

Postpartum Stretch Marks

Before we take a deep dive into our all-nourishing belly oil, here are some interesting facts about stretch marks that you may not have known before.

  • The main reasons for stretch marks appearing during pregnancy are weight gain, hormonal changes and skin stretching.
  • Genetics is a huge factor when it comes to stretch marks. If your blood relatives have them, you are more likely to get them.
  • Stretch marks are one of the most common skin-related side effects of pregnancy. Data shows that 9 out of 10 pregnant women get them.
  • Stretch marks at the beginning of the pregnancy may appear reddish or purplish, but with time they become grayish silver.
  • They are basically scars formed from tears occurring deep in the middle layer of your skin, also known as "dermis."
  • Stretch marks aren't exclusive to the belly. They can appear anywhere, such as on thighs, breasts, arms, back, and even the knees.
  • Proper hydration and moisturisation can reduce their appearance significantly over time.

Why an All-Natural Belly Oil Is the Best Bet To Tackle Stretch Marks?

Since keeping the skin well hydrated is one of the main ways to deal with stretch marks, massaging the skin of your baby bump with a belly oil featuring humectant properties can help lock in the moisture, keeping it soft and supple. This simple activity can deeply nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. If you do this from the very beginning of your pregnancy, you might be able to reduce your chances of getting them in the first place.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

What Are the Other Benefits of Using Belly Oil?

It Reduces Dryness

The skin surrounding the pregnant belly is more prone to dryness than any other part of the body, and factors like hormonal changes, seasonal changes, level of water intake, etc., can aggravate this issue further. And the drier the skin gets, the itchier it will become. Gently rubbing a belly oil can alleviate the discomfort associated with dry and itchy skin.

It Helps With Skin Elasticity

The skin's elasticity is its ability to stretch exponentially in order to accommodate the growing baby and then bounce back after birth. The more collagen and elastin (elasticity-promoting proteins) your skin produces, the better it will be at stretching. Since these proteins are necessary to maintain the tautness of rapidly growing skin, it is essential to use a vitamin-rich belly oil that can boost their production and strengthen the skin. 

It’s Ideal for Self-Care

Most women know that following a self-care routine during pregnancy is as important as not missing the appointment with the OB-GYN because a little TLC can help revitalise the body that is hosting more than one life. A soothing belly oil is ideal for a pregnant mama looking to establish a self-care ritual as it is both relaxing to use and beneficial to the skin during pregnancy.

It Is Perfect for Bonding With the Bump

While in the womb, the baby develops enough senses to feel, hear and connect with the outside world. This means you don't have to wait till birth to be able to form a bond with the baby. You can start the bonding process way before by gently massaging and caressing the bump with a calming belly oil. You can even sing or talk while doing so, as it can further enrich the baby bump bonding session.

Belly Oil Benefits

Is There a Difference Between Belly Oil and Belly Butter?

Belly oil and belly butter both do the same job of soothing the skin while fighting stretch marks, skin dryness and itchiness. However, since the core ingredient of belly oil is oil, the skin absorbs it much faster, bringing almost instant relief to the aggravated skin. Belly butter, on the other hand, is typically made with cocoa butter, which also moisturises, but the skin absorbs it slower than the oil.

Why the Hermosa Co. Belly Oil Is So Special?

After learning about these incredible benefits, if you're looking to purchase one for yourself, look no further than our belly oil — packed with nature's healing powers. The Hermosa Co. belly oil can easily make an indulgent addition to your self-care ritual. It's made with a blend of botanical oils (acai, rosehip, avocado, apricot kernel, and macadamia) that offers all the vital nutrients necessary for preventing and healing skin damage during pregnancy.

Belly Oil Benefits

How To Use the Hermosa Co. Belly Oil?

Our belly oil is easy to use and delivers on its promise of preventing and reducing stretch marks while helping mamas glow throughout their pregnancy. Simply pour some into your palm and gently massage it over your tummy and other affected areas. You can use it twice, preferably after a bath, because bathing opens up your pores, allowing the oil to absorb faster and penetrate deeper. We recommend using it alongside our body polish for the best results. Trust us! You won't regret buying this power-packed duo for your skincare ritual.

Postpartum Stretch Marks

Can It Be Used During the Postpartum Period?

Yes, you can use it after childbirth; in fact, we strongly advise that you do so because its unique therapeutic properties can aid in stretch mark fading and help your body heal better during the postpartum period.


In addition to using our belly oil and body polish, try eating a nutrient-rich diet and drinking plenty of water to mitigate stretch marks and maintain healthy glowing skin. Yes, you should be proud of your tiger stripes or love lines, but it's reasonable if you want to minimise them and the associated issues, such as dry and itchy skin. Just don't try anything drastic to get rid of them. Simply lead a healthy lifestyle, use only all-natural products, and let the skin heal on its own accord.


– The Hermosa Co.

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