The Hermosa Co. – Invoking Mother Nature to Make Magic for Mamas


Motherhood is a never-ending journey that begins with life unfolding inside another life. It's beautiful, powerful, and utterly magical. Women who embark on this rewarding path learn invaluable lessons, grow with every little experience, and get to create priceless, cherishable memories for a lifetime. However, there is no denying that this life-changing experience can bring a slew of new responsibilities into a woman's life. Aside from that, most women feel unprepared for the physical and psychological changes that come with becoming a mum. When confronted with the stress of new roles and responsibilities, a mum can experience instability, anxiety and crushing fatigue. 

The Hermosa Co.'s story began with the desire to make mums happier and healthier while they navigate their unique journey. We made it our mission to create a space where mums and their little ones can get a little rest and respite.

Hermosa making magic for mamas

The creation of The Hermosa Co.: Enjoy this interview with founder, Lydia Latta.

Hermosa making magic for mamas

Creation and Hardships –

When I was pregnant with my twins I struggled to find a local place where I felt comfortable enough to receive pregnancy massages and beauty treatments. Amidst my search, I felt inspired to create an establishment for every pregnant woman to feel relaxed, pampered, and beautiful.

The Hermosa Co. took shape when my newfound passion met my experience. I already had an extensive background creating my own beauty products and working in elite day spas, so it seemed natural to use that and create a place that caters to the needs of women, mums, and babies.

It wasn't (and still isn't!) easy, though.! I work daily to balance being a mother, a business owner, and everything in between. However I’ve done my best, and I feel like I have created something that I can be proud of.

The Vision of Expansion –

Although The Hermosa Co. began as a pregnancy and postpartum massage clinic, it has evolved into much more. After listening to a client talk about having to constantly wash off her nipple cream before feeding, I had an idea. I thought of making an all natural nipple cream that wouldn't wash off in between feeds, saving mums time and worry. From then on, I decided to offer my own products, as well as massage services. I saw a need among my clientele for all-natural, locally made products that served a pregnancy and baby-specific purpose. So I dedicated myself to creating quality products which meet every mama’s needs.

Hermosa making magic for mamas

At the Core of Hermosa’s Ethos Lies Worshipping Every Mother, Including Mother Nature.

The brand's message is to be compassionate, considerate, and generous to mamas through the power of mother nature. I've made a point of making mums feel beautiful, enriching bub's life with care, and working to remove the negativity that surrounds every mother.

With Love, From Mother Nature…

I believe the answer to most ailments lies within nature with its treasure trove of organic remedies. All the gentle and soothing products here are imbued with the best ingredients that nature has to offer. Hermosa harnesses the potency of various botanicals, herbs, and plant extracts to bring mums and bubs unique blends that promote a sense of well-being by working on the physical, mental, and emotional levels.

The Body of Every Goddess Is To Be Revered and Worshipped 🖤

It's easy to fall prey to the unrealistic beauty standards that are flaunted in the media. With continuous exposure to false beauty, accepting the pregnant and postpartum body can become a struggle for many women. 

A huge part of what I’ve tried to do with our annual #HermosaBody campaign is remind women that we are all beautiful, no matter what our pregnancy, or post pregnancy body, looks like.

Hermosa making magic for mamas


Our message is loud and clear — don't critique your body, mama, just feel beautiful and unique.

Bub’s Soft Skin Requires the Utmost Care and Soothing Concoctions

A newborn's skin is fragile and sensitive and needs extra care. This is why all our baby skincare items are made completely free of all unnatural chemicals and preservatives while being soothing and nurturing at the same time. From earth-friendly bath time to nutrition-rich massages, your bub's skin will feel pleased and pampered.

Hermosa making magic for mamas

More Magic To Come in the Future

Most women would agree that it feels good to talk to someone while dealing with the trials and tribulations that come with being a new mum. It feels cathartic and nice when someone simply lends a listening ear and hears everything without passing judgement. For this reason, I try to form a personal connection with my clients. I listen to and learn about their needs and wants and try to come up with new ideas to help these amazing women.

So far, I have come across many little pain points and have been developing new treats,, so make sure to keep an eye out ;)

The Hermosa Co.

The sole purpose of The Hermosa Co. is, and always has been, about creating a community where every mumma and bubba can feel safe and serene. Every product and service, from prenatal massage to nipple cream to baby bath oil, is designed to celebrate the motherhood journey. So, if you're visiting for the first time, I hope you find a product that meets your needs and that my story has inspired and empowered you to pursue your own passions and dreams.


 – The Hermosa Co.

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