Feeling Overwhelmed? Impactful Ways To Overcome Stress After Birth


The motherhood journey isn’t always rosy. Shortly after birth, self-doubt, anxiety, and the chaos of raising a baby can set in, leaving mums feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

If you are having stressful days where fatigue takes over and prevents you from enjoying little moments with bub, know that you are not alone.

Even though it is common to struggle with stress and anxiety post-birth, it is better to make some adjustments in your day-to-day life and your mindset to help keep the overwhelming days few and far between.

Overcome Stress After Birth

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Dismiss the Feeling of Overwhelm

  • Stress causes insomnia, and when you are already sleep-deprived due to a needy infant, it can add to your sleep problems and further damage your health.
  • Nothing beats emotional weariness for putting a damper on "mumma-bubba" bonding. When you are feeling burnt out, activity like massaging bub with soothing baby massage oil becomes more like a chore. Something that you have to do rather than you want to do. But if you are relaxed and stress-free, these tasks become more enjoyable and promote your bonding with the baby.
  • By taking early steps into stopping the emotional distress from exacerbating, you can prevent something worse from developing, such as postpartum depression. This type of depression causes persistent despair and requires professional treatment.

Here Are Some Impactful Ways You Can Overcome the Feeling of Overwhelm:

1. Read Up on Other Mum’s Experiences

Learning more about other mamas who have gone through similar experiences can help you overcome any sense of isolation. Just knowing that you are not alone, and in fact a part of a community, can give you the assurance that you are not doing a bad job and boost your confidence.

2. Practise Positive Thinking by Focusing on the Good Things

Yes, it is a cliché to say "think positive to feel positive," but it does work. Giving yourself positive affirmations and engaging in positive self-talk can work wonders in dispelling the negative aura that emanates when you are full of worries and uneasiness. If you have achieved one good thing, such as put bub to bed successfully, then focus on that and ignore the other setbacks of the day. Keep this up, and soon you will find your mood improving.

Overcome Stress After Birth

3. Use a Planner To Prioritise Tasks and Feel More Organised

Establishing a weekly planner may seem redundant when dealing with an infant. But even if not everything goes according to plan, just having a plan can make you feel organised and stop your days from becoming utterly chaotic. 

For example, knowing that a blissful postpartum massage is waiting for you on the weekend can help you stay in a cheerful spirit throughout the week. Furthermore, having a planner will also help you prioritise your tasks based on importance and urgency, allowing you to get things done in an efficient manner.

4. Make Time for an Easy Hobby That Boosts Your Mood

When motherhood becomes your only identity it can increase your stress. Hence, it is crucial to carve out our own part of the world, apart from being a mum. It doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming; simple hobbies like journaling, listening to podcasts/audiobooks, and so forth can help relieve stress and refill your energy, allowing you to be the best version of yourself. 

5. Learn To Delegate

Remember not everything has to be your responsibility. Delegate less important tasks and be willing to accept and even ask for help whenever possible. In the beginning, It can be hard to ask someone else to help with the baby (other than your partner, of course!), but there are other tasks you can offload to someone else. For example, you can let a friend or a family member do the dishes or take care of the laundry while you spend time feeding or massaging bub with a delightful baby massage oil.

Overcome Stress After Birth

6. Use Humor to Relieve Stress

Relying on humour can be a healthy and effective way to cope with stress. According to research, laughter boosts your oxygen intake, stimulates your organs and raises the endorphins released by your brain. So, in your spare time, watch sitcoms and comedy movies, scroll through funny memes, or do anything that makes you laugh and soothes your tension.

7. Eat Well, Exercise, and Meditate

Meditating, exercising, and eating healthy food every day can go a long way toward alleviating stress and enriching your overall health. Incorporating plenty of green veggies, fruits and protein in your meals will help with postpartum healing and keep your energy levels high. Simple exercises and meditation, on the other hand, will help bring balance to your weary mind, liven up your tired body, and reduce any hormonal imbalance that contributes to you feeling gloomy.

8. Craft a Self-Care Routine That’s Basic Enough To Follow on a Regular Basis

Let's make one thing clear: self-care doesn't mean you are being selfish. It means you are taking care of yourself so that you can be mentally and physically healthy enough to take care of your little one. So get into the habit of regularly practising self-care without feeling guilty. 

Try something simple that is doable every day. For instance, after exfoliating your skin with a body polish, take a calming bath imbued with our postpartum sitz soak. After that, replenish and rejuvenate the skin by applying a moisturiser or our all-natural belly oil. On the days when you are feeling too dragged down by body aches and pains, you can add a magnesium spray to your routine.

Overcome Stress After Birth

9. Try Postpartum Massage: A Well Know Fail-Safe Option To Reduce Stress

Postpartum massage is known for relaxing tired muscles and lowering stress hormones in new mums. So make Postpartum massage your fail-safe option when nothing else works as a "pick-me-up." You can schedule your weekend massage at the Hermosa Co., a serene place where you can experience indulgence with soothing massages that help reinvigorate the postpartum mind and body.


When the hardships of being a mum become too much to handle, don't tell yourself that it's par for the course. Instead, intervene and make some changes that help lessen the stress. We hope our tips come in handy in breathing new life to your exhausted spirit.


– The Hermosa Co.

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