Baby Sleep Tips – Lull Your Bub Into a Deep Slumber


If you are a mum of a newborn, you already know that the phrase "sleep like a baby" is completely misleading because, for most days, just getting a baby to sleep can feel like a never-ending battle. On top of that, most newborns require feedings every 2 to 3 hours or 8 to 12 times per day. 

It can be frustrating and downright exhausting dealing with baby's sleep, especially for an already overworked, tired mum. So if you want to end the sleep-deprived nights sooner rather than later, start coaxing bub into sleeping better from the very beginning. Yes! There are certain things you can do to get your little munchkin to fall into a deep slumber. 

Baby Sleep Tips

Tried and Tested Methods To Help Baby Become a Good Sleeper

1. Establish a Bedtime Routine

Developing a consistent bedtime routine will help bub understand when it is time to wind down and sleep. It can reinforce the natural circadian rhythms of your little one and help bring some much-needed order to the chaotic nights. 

Come up with a routine that works best for you and your baby. You can start the routine with a soothing bath enriched with our Lullaby magnesium soak, followed by reading a storybook and then feeding or doing anything else you think will help bub relax. Once you've established a routine, stick to it and don't miss the sleep window unless you absolutely have to.

2. Give Massages To Help Bub Relax Before Bedtime

Infant massages are beneficial for bonding and muscle development and can be given at any time of the day. But since blissful massages from mum's loving hands also create a sense of calm in the baby, it is better to incorporate them into the bedtime routine. 

A soothing rub-down with gentle, aromatic baby massage oil just before bedtime and right after the enriching bath with magnesium soak can help bub feel relaxed and sleepy in no time. Research shows that massaging with therapeutic potions such as our baby massage oil can also increase melatonin levels, which further aids in improving sleep. 

Baby Sleep Tips

3. Tame Your Stress Levels Through Self-Care

You will be able to soothe your baby properly only when you are relaxed and less irritated. It is much more difficult to project comfort and calm to your baby when you are overly stressed, so first try winding down yourself. You can try the magnesium soak or indulge in a relaxing postpartum massage. If you are getting bothered by body aches, try a magnesium spray to relieve the pain. Remember.....the better you feel, the better equipped you will be to care for a fussy baby.

4. Create a Relaxing Environment

During bedtime, create an ambience, that's comfy, cosy and calming for the baby. Use dark curtains to block out outside lights, dim the light inside, and use a white noise machine to drown out other sounds. To up the ante, you can also spritz a room tonic made with herbal oils and create a tranquil space for restful sleep. Although, keep in mind that newborns have a strong sense of smell, and a room tonic made with essential oils can be too overwhelming for them. So, it is best to use it when the baby is at least six months old.

Baby Sleep Tips

5. Learn About Wake Windows

Wake windows are basically the amount of time your child is awake between naps. By learning the correct wake windows for your baby's age, you will be able to optimise bub's sleep. 

Healthy wake windows based on age: 

  • 12 weeks old baby - 45 to 90 mins
  • 3 to 4-month-old baby - 1.5 to 2 hours
  • 5 to 6-month-old baby - 2.25 to 3 hours
  • 7 to 13-month-old baby - 2.5 to 3.5 hours
  • 1 year and up - 4 to 5 hours

Shortening the wake window during the daytime can rob bub of a goodnight's sleep. So, even though it is hard to wake up a sleeping baby, make sure to break up the daytime naps as doing so will not only improve bub's evening slumber but also allow you to get more feedings in during the day. A full tummy will help your baby to sleep for longer stretches at night.

6. Get Familiar With All the Telltale Signs of Tiredness

Pick up on the cues that indicate bub's sleepiness. By doing so, you will be able to avoid an overtired baby. Oh! What's the big deal about an overtired baby, you ask? Well, once a baby becomes over exhausted, it becomes ten times harder to get them to sleep. They are also more likely to sleep for a shorter period of time.

Tired signs such as yawning, spacing out, rubbing eyes or being fidgety will hint that the little one is ready for sleep. Intervene as soon as you notice these signs of drowsiness, as it is a surefire way to help bub drift off without much fuss.

Baby Sleep Tips

7. Try Swaddling the Baby

Newborns sleep better all tucked up in a blanket because it mimics the snuggly feeling of the mother's womb. Swaddling is also an effective way of calming a baby experiencing the "Moro or Startle Reflex." Since the arms stay tightly secured, they don't startle themselves awake by this involuntary reflex.

8. Put the Baby Down When Drowsy

Laying the baby down in the crib drowsy but awake is another method for extending their sleep and encouraging them to doze off independently. Although, you should know that this doesn't work on every baby, and some might become more agitated instead of catching blissful Zzzs. So try it out a couple of times, but if it doesn't work — rock bub to sleep in your arms.

Baby Sleep Tips

9. Trust Your Intuition

Most important of all – remember that you know your baby best. Listen to the voice inside gently guiding you, and make your decisions with confidence. 


Getting your baby to sleep on time is one way to score some well-deserved rest and respite for yourself. So, consistently follow a bedtime schedule, make calming techniques (such as bathing with our delightful magnesium soak) a part of bub's daily bedtime ritual, and be rewarded with a cute little sleepyhead in return.

 – The Hermosa Co.

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