A Helpful Guide for Surviving the Newborn Phase Challenges


If one were to describe the newborn phase in two words, it would be "utter exhaustion." Of course, there will be the sheer joy of becoming a new mum, but the extreme change to your lifestyle undoubtedly takes a toll. You will also be in the early stage of postpartum recovery with bodily discomfort and mood fluctuations. So, all in all, this phase is full of challenges that have the potential to bring stress and fatigue into your life.

Newborn Phase Challenges

How Long Does the Newborn Phase Last?

From birth to roughly two months of age, babies are considered newborns. During this stage, they mostly sleep, feed, and cry, but make no mistake, these eight weeks will be difficult. It will be a rollercoaster that turns your world upside down.

Tricks and Tips To Survive the Newborn Phase

1. Sneak Naps Into Your Schedule

Severe sleep deprivation can make you feel like a mum zombie. And, while obtaining eight hours of unbroken sleep is not a possibility for a new mum, you can find ways to sneak in more pillow time. Avoid drinking too much coffee, try sleeping when the baby sleeps, take daytime naps and create an ideal sleeping environment for yourself that helps you fall asleep faster. To create a calming ambience, simply switch off your phone, draw the curtains and generously spritz our room tonic full of soothing tones. Or try anything else that helps you get some quality shut-eye.

2. Establish Visitor Rules

Remember, you are in charge when it comes to visitors and guests. So let them know which days work best for you and for how much time they are allowed to stay. Additionally, if you don't feel up for it, feel free to say no. Don't neglect your own recovery for the sake of visitors; make sure you're in a good mental and physical state before accepting guests.

Newborn Phase Challenges

3. Lower Your Standards

The newborn phase is no time to have high standards. Aiming for perfection shouldn't even be in the equation when you already have so much to deal with. So, for the time being, don't mind the messy wardrobe, the dust bunnies and your dishevelled hair. Instead, focus on your baby and your healing journey. 

4. Set Daily Mini Goals

Having strict routines and schedules doesn't work in the newborn phase, but by creating a mini roadmap for your daily tasks, you will feel more in charge of your life. Tell yourself, for example, that today you will watch an episode of your favourite show or enjoy a postpartum bath soak. Set small goals but also be flexible. Be ready to adapt and change those goals depending on the day's needs.

Newborn Phase Challenges

5. Make Nighttime Feeds Enjoyable for You

There is no avoiding the middle-of-the-night feeding sessions when you have a newborn, but you can make it slightly fun for you. Make a special nursing area for yourself, complete with a reclining chair, some pillows for comfort, and a few midnight snacks. Makesure your headphones are nearby so you can enjoy your favourite tunes or podcast. You can also buy an electronic back massager to knead your weary muscle while you feed your baby. You will never dread night time feeds when you know a massage is waiting for you ;) .

6. Go for Easy but Nutritious Meals

Food is vital for your postpartum recovery, but your dinner doesn't need to be a three-course meal. Find recipes that are easy to make, can be frozen and are high in nutrition. Try making one-pot meals! For example, how about a quick chicken burrito skillet? Sounds yummy, right? You can also make the dish vegan if you prefer.

7. Go Out Whenever You Can

Dressing yourself, changing the baby, packing a bag, arranging the stroller, and so on may seem like a lot of work, but it will be all worth it when you breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sun's warmth and feel new energy coursing through your body. So, schedule outdoor time at least once a week. Going to the park or a nearby mall and doing some window shopping will definitely pull you out of the emotional slump.

Newborn Phase Challenges

8. Ask for Help

Let's face it, you're at your most vulnerable during the newborn phase, both emotionally and physically, so if you can, ask for help. Ask your close friends, relatives or partner to help and support you. Believe us when we say that even a little help will go a long way.

9. Make Friends With Other Mums

Talking about help and support, not everyone will understand what you are going through, but a fellow mum will. So, sign up for a baby class or go online and join a virtual motherhood community to chat with like-minded mamas. Share your highs and lows and listen to their problems; the entire process will be cathartic, fun, and highly valuable to you.

Newborn Phase Challenges

10. Rely on Self-Love and Self-Motivation

Love conquers all! Thus it's safe to say that if you practise self-love, you'll be able to defeat all of your newborn phase's trials and tribulations. So craft yourself a basic self-care routine. Your routine should include a postpartum bath soak and a magnesium spray to soothe the aches and pain, a body polish to exfoliate the skin and gentle belly oil to lock in moisture and deliver nourishment to your skin. Aside from indulging in self-care, steer your focus from negative thoughts to positive ones. Create an empowering mindset that gives you motivation every day.


During this challenging period, your body will be in pain, you will be tired and nerve-wrecked, and your days will bleed into your nights as you care for your baby around the clock. But you can always count on our mama self-care products like the postpartum bath soak and your baby's toothless grins and adorable babbles to keep you going.

– The Hermosa Co.

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